“ Ugochill took the original “The Beautiful Ones” and completely transformed it into a much heavier rock interpretation. “ – Juxta

“ Normally if you say let’s do a remix of a song one would expect some kind of electronic music approach.
Not in this case.This remix is full blooded head-banging rock track.” – Ugochill

Dear Friends.

Latest single release, collaboration between JUXTA (UK) and Ugochill Music (Netherlands), track titled The Beautiful Ones has been released and it is digitally available worldwide.

It is one passionate rocking track, remix or redeux of the original version previously recorded by Juxta.

Juxta feat. Ugochill – The Beautiful Ones

Music by : Juxta John

Juxta John – Vocals, Backing Vocals
Alex Rado – Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitars, Keyboards

Produced by Ugochill & Atom Collector Records © 2019.

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Best of Regards.
Alex and Juxta.