“Off Grid. (adjective)
Not involving or requiring the use of mainstream sources of energy”

Dear Friends.

Ugochill latest single titled Off Grid, has been released and it is digitally available worldwide.It is one up beat hard rocking guitar instrumental with touch of classic rock ambients and elements, dedicated to the phenomena of the Worldwide Indie Music scene.That I’m myself being part of.
In another words, dedicated to the worldwide Off Grid Music.

This single release is also accompanied with Music Video, and that is something that did not happen for an long time. 🙂 So it is full fledged release.Music and Video.

Ugochill on YouTube!!

You are more then welcome to check this music out on one of various audio/video streaming platforms.

Thank You so much on your continued attention and support.
Much Regards.


Ugochill – Off Grid on Spotify!!

Ugochill – Off Greed on Deezer!!

All music written and performed by Alex Rado.

Produced by Ugochill © 2018