Dear Friends.
This year has been so far very kind to the Ugochill Music.
After lovely reception latest single, “Beloved” has received in the beginning of the year by various Radio stations, fellow brothers and sisters in arms musicians and artists and general audience that came across this track, upward trend has continued.
If we take a look at various music platforms, music streaming services and social media that host Ugochill Music, one can quickly notice that we are not talking anymore about tens to hundreds of people who are familiar with Ugochill, but project is slowly gaining exposure and attention from hundreds to thousands of people.
Very encouraging and naturally motivating development.
Great deal of this I can thank to the various Radio stations and to the existence of Atom Collectors Records.Awesome music platform, network and community hosting various indie artists.People have been so kind and supportive and gave me so much positive feedback and energy, that I have no choice but to feel very grateful and good and do something about it. 🙂
Future as always is uncertain but it is hopeful and promising and I look very much forward what will coming months bring, as I’m slowly getting used to receiving plenty of good news and feedback from various sources.
I’m currently working on the new single that I expect to release later this summer, and preparing materials to also make some Videos.
Thank You so much on your kind support. It is very much appreciated.